Saturday, July 27, 2013

Melbourne to Hong Kong

Well we're off again - or maybe I should say "yet again". Anyway, we're off again. Early start at Tullamarine so stayed at an airport hotel for the night. Now here's a tip for beginners: when you're at an airport hotel, always check the bedside alarm clock and set it or turn it off. Yes, we were woken up by the alarm at 4.00 am.

Hong Kong wasn't too bad this time around. We had a very good meal on the first night at an Indonesian restaurant not far from our hotel. And yes, Milton did have yet another Laksa - which, by the way, was pretty good.

On the first morning we asked the concierge for a western style cafe nearby. We like to have a western style breakfast and then eat local for lunch and dinner. He told us of a suitable restaurant just nearby called "Daily Friends". We thought that sounded fine so went in search of said restaurant. We passed a Deli France but no "Daily Friends" in sight. Until Milton (with two years university level linguistics under his belt) realised that the concierge had really been saying Deli France/Daily Friends/Deli France!! It's an aural joke - I guess you had to be there. Still, we had a bit of a laugh at the pitfalls of international travel.

Our plane didn't leave until 35 minutes after midnight but the tropical rain set in late afternoon so we decided to cut our losses and go to the airport early and wait for the flight. Next morning we arrived at Heathrow early in the morning and headed for our accomodation in Paddington in a pre-paid mini-cab. But that's another chapter.