Thursday, March 29, 2012

Singapore and Munich

We broke the long flight from Oz to Germany with three days in Singapore. We've been to Singapore before (a long time ago) so we decided to just chill out for a couple of days and try the local cuisines. We looked at "Little India" and had an excellent dinner there, and we had a great (and very cheap) lunch at the current version of the food hawkers market. We also went on a river cruise which gave us an opportunity to look at some of the new large and impressive public buildings.

A highlight for Judith was a visit to Arab Street where there are myriad shops selling a wide range of fabrics, braids, trim, and scarves

We then flew to Frankfurt and took a train to Munich where we stayed with our friends Erica and George. Here, we had a lovely three days rediscovering the sights and museums of Munich, catching up with our friends, and helping to celebrate their daughter Ingrid's birthday.

Munich is a beautiful city about the same size as Adelaide but with a lot more art galleries and a much larger airport. Milton visited the Museum Brandhorst which has a very good collection of Andy Wharhol's work, along with a very extensive representation of Cy Twombly. All of the works in this art gallery were donated by one couple.

While Milton was doing this, Judith went on a guided walking tour of central Munich, where she walked four kilometers with a very informative guide. There were only three people in the group, so it was like having a private tour.

During our stay we enjoyed traditional Bavarian fare, but the last night we went out with our hosts to an excellent Vietnamese restaurant! The next morning we flew to Istanbul, arriving at about five in the afternoon

The only unfortunate aspect of this part of the trip was that Milton came down with a nasty cold and is still recovering three days later.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Off Again - Turkey and Spain

Well we are off again! This time we are going away for two months, three weeks of which will be in Turkey, three weeks in Spain and a week in Paris for our 40th wedding anniversary. Friends have commented that we must be getting excited in anticipation, but the reality is there is a great deal to do before we fly out and so we are focussing on that right now. We will both give a sigh of relief when the plane finally takes off.

In the meantime Milton is trying to get better acquainted with the new iPad and all it can do - which is the main reason for this preliminary blog entry! So far it is going well (including the touch typing). We are also finalizing arrangements with our house sitter who will look after our cat Emmy and the house while we are away.

Our first stop is Singapore for about three days to break the journey and so that Milton does not spend his birthday on an all-day flight. We then fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Munich to stay with friends for a couple of days. After that we fly to Istanbul.